Tuesday, September 6, 2016

S.H.A.L.K.!!!! Scroll down for the latest strip! Scroll, scroll scroll! (ALSO, CLICK ON THE IMAGES TO SEE THEM BIGGER! YAY!)

The "game" is simple. Levi drew a page. Scott drew a page. Then Levi finally drew a page. Then Scott promptly drew a page. Then Levi took another 5 months to draw another page, and Scott responded quickly again, just before he and his wife had a BABY, Then Levi finally drew another page after a long time, and Scott and Levi agreed to make the deadline a month, and Scott delivered exactly on time, and Levi was on time for once, Scott "replied" quickly and Awesomely, then Levi went over the deep end, AND the deadline by an entire month, but finally delivered another strip. Then Scott knocks it out of the park with a GLORIOUSLY DEATH-FILLED STRIP, and Levi replies (a few days early this time!!!) with... whatever that strip was. Scott has now delivered (about a week early!) this wonderfully unexpected twist in our saga! Then, Levi seemed to go into hibernation again, and took forever to deliver the next page that was really just a 90s Pin-Up. Then, Scott brought us back TO THE FUTURE? to sequential, and naked GLORY with an autobiographical (?) strip, and Levi spent another 3 months trying to come up with a clever "response", and then Scott took a much needed break, and was ACTUALLY LATE for once, BUT KILLED IT WITH HIS MOST RECENT PAGE THAT IS EVEN ANIMATED!!! Levi then took another year to do a rather boring installment that you see above this paragraph. Hopefully Scott will respond with a much cooler strip. We're certain he shall...


  1. I need to get in on this. Fo-sho.

  2. This is so epic! I stole Modok's chair and the robots look like that evil robot from episode 118 of Bugs Bunny. Scary.